The Problem I Solve

Problems Are Only Opportunities In Work Clothes – Henry Kaiser

There is a problem in our IT industry when it comes to learning the concepts of programming/automation. Some trainers are great at knowing how to program but have a hard time explaining how to program.

Why It’s A Problem?

The difference between knowing how to and explaining how to program or automate an application is patience. Does the trainer have patience to start with the beginner/fresher (foundation) concepts? Is the trainer patient to prepare and organize their material?

Imagine learning your ABC’s and the instructor has flash cards. Some flash cards are missing while other flash cards are out of order. The instructor holds up a card and it’s the letter A then the next card is Tfollowed by the letter E. It’s challenging to learn ABC’s or any concept if the material is not composed in a logical order.   

How I Can Help?

I can help by being prepared, organized, and making sure the material is presented in a logical order. ‘A’-‘B’-‘C’ all the way to ‘Z’ in a step-by-step manner.  We all learn different before actually doing the job (hands-on-experience).

Some learn best by reading books, blogs, and documents then hands-on-experience. Others learn best by watching videos then hands-on-experience. Also, there is a learning combination of reading, watching videos, then hands-on-experience. I can help you learn programming and/or automation through

Meet Rex

I am a trainer/author of programming and automating software, with experience leading global teams. My background in programming, test strategy, test plans, and test design influence my thorough with patience approach. 

I’m fueled by my passion for understanding the aspects of software. I consider myself a ‘forever student’ determined to build on my academic foundations in Computer Information Systems (CIS) and multiple certifications (CSTE & TMap). Plus stay in tune with the latest software trends through continued coursework and professional development.

My hunger for knowledge to turn information into action has contributed to Books, Blogs, Videos, and Courses. I’m always looking for a challenge, so I’m interested in delivering talks as an inspirational speaker to tell my story.

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